Monday, February 8, 2010

In the Beginning - i

I've wanted to write a blog. I was inspired by Julie and Julia. That's right, a movie! So this is a test of my ability to be committed to the project and a stretch of my literary abilities. I am prone to prefer numbers over words, and this will keep me planted firmly outside my "box."

To begin, let me explain.......

Mei Astrum Candidus is Latin for My Shining Star. The origin to my attachment to this phrase remains clouded in my past. As my comfort level with blogging increases, I may be willing let more sun shine on the topic. For the moment at hand, know that I am simply using it as my inspiration to keep myself looking beyond the mundane things of this earth, and out into the beauty of space.


  1. Thank goodness that movie got so much attention before we started this project. I don't think as many people would be participating if it were not for Julie and Julia. Welcome to "23 Things."

  2. Your first blog is an intriguing one; you project an air of mystery. I hope your journey is rich in knowledge and filled with tasks that tantalize your intellect.