Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thing 3 - Who is Blogging Whom - iii

Not only is there a blog on every imaginable topic, there is a blog that fits every possible adjective. In the limited time I have spent on this assignment, I have easily found those that are brief or wordy, technical or fluffy, educational or entertaining, consistent or varied......Shall I go on?

Take the blog by Skydaddy. I began with the suggested http://sddc.blogspot.com/2009/02/upside-down-pop-quiz.html. I loved the philosphy of teaching students to read and comprehend versus rote memorizaiton. So I chose to explore the blog further and found a large spectrum of topics including
http://sddc.blogspot.com/2009/12/musing-on-mathematics-and-existence-of.html. And this is just what it seems, a very technical discussion of a single mathematical expression.

Is there a connection between these two posts? Nothing specific that I could find. But what I've learned is that is doesn't really matter. A blog can be a single rant, a place to voice an opinion and gather comments, a rambling, or whatever I want it to be.

So what should be expected here in Mei Astrum Candidus? Look for the hidden connection that leads you to my star.

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  1. I think you selected two blogs are 180 degrees from each other. I think you may discover quite a variety of blogs in our own circle of 23 Things.